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Giampaolo Amoruso 

       1990/2000 - 2010/2023      


"L'umanità poetica" (poetic humanity) is an expression that evokes the capacity of art to express and reveal the beauty and depth of human experience. It is a notion that emphasises the poetic dimension of our existence and the ability of art to capture and convey emotions, ideas and profound meanings.

Umanità poetica seeks to transcend the limits of everyday reality and connect us to deeper, more universal aspects of our human condition. It invites us to reflect on our place in the world, our relationships with others and with nature, and the fundamental questions that give meaning to our existence.

Art, whether poetry, literature, painting, music, dance or any other form of artistic expression, can help us feel this umanità poetica. It can touch us emotionally, inspire us, make us think and challenge our perceptions and beliefs. Art can also help us express our own experiences and emotions, connect with others and build bridges between different cultures and perspectives.

In umanità poetica, there is a notion of transcending the ordinary, of searching for beauty and truth, and of exploring the mysteries and contradictions of the human condition. It is an invitation to appreciate the poetry to be found in the little things of everyday life, to cultivate our aesthetic sensibility and to recognise the transformative power of art in our lives.

In short, umanità poetica is an approach that celebrates art as a means of revealing the beauty and depth of human experience, inviting us to embrace poetry and explore the deepest dimensions of our existence.